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2016 index post of things I've made

I made pretty many things this year! *happy dance* Keeping them small definitely helped. Wonderful feedback and support also helped!

Spuffy things

Blackout poetry made from shooting scripts:
1. Fool for Love (VAMPIRE...)
2. "Angel", "Doppelgängland" and "Welcome to the Hellmouth" ("what's it like where you are?...", "good girls...", "past SHATTERS...")
3. "Hush" and "Some Assembly Required" ("- CONTINUING - MORNING...", "at the graveyard...")

Moodboard/collage based on "My Life Closed Twice" by anaross

Moodboard/collage based on "West of the Moon, East of the Sun" by KnifeEdge

"Wrecked" half-drabble, prompt: "chucks and rolls"

Buffy things

Vid (together with double_dutchess): Na Na Na (The Scoobies Make Some Noise). In case of curiosity, here are some descriptions of what I did in the collaboration, since video editing sure as hell wasn't it. :)

Ficlet: An Inquiry into the Source of Slayer Powers by W W Pentagon, 699w, Flatland fusion (What geometrical figure would Buffy be?)

Captioned screencaps: Buffyverse + "Welcome to Night Vale" Home Depot commercial.

Fandom things

Cabin in the Woods half-drabble, Jules/Curt, prompt: "of your smile)a skillful uncouth"

Two angsty, gory Cabin in the Woods drabbles about Truman the security guy.

Cabin in the Woods meets Guide to Troubled Birds (captioned screencaps): the lighter part, the more gory part

Night Vale half-drabble, prompt: "voices I sometimes hear a moment"

Harry Potter half-drabble, prompt: "One foot came through. The view was all in lines"

Random things

Half-drabble about Eglė the Queen of grass serpents (based on the Lithuanian fairy tale), prompt: "Proudly patrician, passionless, serene;"

Flatshare gothic

A villanelle about fleas
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