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Mood board for "Campfires" by Niamh

Whew, finally got around to finishing a thing. :)
This is a shot at capturing some of the feeling of reading the Spuffy fic Campfires (29,930w, NC-17, all-human AU, on EF here, on AO3 here) by Niamh (tangwstyl).

I think successfully making a mood board for this fic would be like bottling joy. That perfectly successful mood board would be much sexier, too, I imagine. (I'd forgotten how thoroughly the fic earns its rating when I decided to do this, and either it's hard to find good erotic images on the internet or I lack the relevant experience. :D) I think the finished result also looks more glamorous and less natural than I'd have liked to go for if I had more time to look for images (she says after marinating an idea for two months). And, well, a LOT of the action in the fic takes place in the dark or twilight, but it sort of *felt* light, so I ignored the text. \o/ (Also because well-lit images are easier to find in good quality.)
Caveat: there's no skydiving in the fic.

Links to image sources:
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3 4
5 6
7 8
9 10
Tags: arts and crafts, fic recs, spuffy
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Oh! Love this. It's really good. And captures the mood really well. Thank you so much. Gonna copy this and share it.
Thank you! *grins compulsively* I'm very glad you like it.
Of course, share wherever you like! I'd prefer if you told me where, so I can bask in the feedback (assuming it's a place I can see).
That looks lovely! (And I can see now why you would have been looking for pictures of naked people and trees :-)
Thank you! :)
Mmm hmm. This was why.
I'm sure there's a very good explanation for it!

Well, or at least they probably think they do! :D
That is a beautiful mood board.
Thank you (you beautiful person). :)
I don't know the story (with the exception of Second String I've never read an AH), but it sure looks like I should! Very atmospheric! And looks like a happy ending, which I like :)
(Also - maybe I should go camp if good things are coming then...)

What are those yellow dots, fireflies?
Thank you! :)
Fireflies, yup. Or possibly fairies...
(Man, it's not only a happy ending. EVERYTHING is happy all along in this fic. I think the saddest thing that happens is Spuffy get some light injuries because of forest sex. :D)
Second String is a great exception to make! There are even more humans in this one, though...
I started my Buffy fic reading with AUs, so I met some fabulous all-human AUs early on. *holds off on reccing you multiple longfics you don't have time to read* *feels proud of self*
I can't recall if I've read this one or not, though I'm obviously no stranger to Niamh's work. Beautiful moodboard for sure! There's skydiving in the story?
Thank you! :)
Yeah, my first thought was the Originsverse, but this is about a million times shorter and simpler...
Nope, no skydiving.
True. I think the Originsverse was one of the first things I read after joining fandom. It was glorious as I recall...