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Bangel poem

I have the Bangel poem out of my system! \o/ Hopefully the most morbid thing I will ever write. *g* Warnings for season 3 Bangel and what it entails: think Amends, The Prom.

Love, please don't trust me; it will end in tears
and blood, and trauma that forever lasts.
Sometimes it's wise to listen to your fears.

I said more words than I had said in years.
(If no one casts me, can I be an outcast?)
Why did you trust me? See it end in tears.

I watched you tremble as my shadow jeered.
Our first night was our hope's and future's last.
If only we had listened to our fears!

The door is open; dawn's my best career.
When I try others, things get ugly fast.
You shouldn't trust me; it will end in tears.

A greedy vine, my love hides you from peers
and keeps your days forever overcast.
For you, I should now listen to my fears.

We might yet walk to music of the spheres,
good memories sustain the future vast.
It's better, trust me; these are passing tears.
It's well past time to listen to your fears.


I felt this poem required an exorcism, so I jotted down something like its anti-poem. It cheered me up. If you want to try it, I think you might at least forget the doom and gloom while you try to figure out what the hell some lines here are supposed to mean. :D I apologize to the English language.

TEARS will clear the way for new paths.
LASTS in you but what you let last.

YEARS see seeds grow in your garden.
OUTCAST creatures make good guardians.

JEERED or smiled – it’s past now. Wake up!
LAST is past of thoughts to take up.

CAREER is good! You might get houseplants.
FAST not. Fine to pay for house, pants.

PEERS remind you can be cared for.
OVERCAST day? Beach time therefore.

SPHERES, cubes – what form will days take?
VAST your options. Like with pancakes.

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