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I took a day off work to go to a thing, but the thing was cancelled, and I'm not about to do laundry, am I? Actually, I hope I am, but FIRST, I made this illustration for the next chapters of Unicorns are Totally Real.

Warning for violence against a car.
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Last week, I was going through a mental list of the sites where I wanted to crosspost some [community profile] seasonal_spuffy announcement or other, when I noticed that not only does each of those sites have its own "place" in my head (I knew that), but also this structure is clear and vivid enough that it's somewhat useful for "visually" checking if I've posted everywhere I wanted.
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Does your head do the thing?

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I see your AO3 meme, and I raise you...

the Fic Speed Date Score Card, which might be the most self-indulgent, treat-yourself self-pimping meme I've ever seen, so I must do it. Best of all, I was legitimately tagged for it back on tumblr, last November. I just found it while cleaning up my notes.

When it comes to your own fics, which one do you think is...

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If this meme looks fun (and trust me, it is), you have my official invitation to do it, people who write fic! I'd love to see your answers. This entry was originally posted at https://thenewbuzwuzz.dreamwidth.org/97758.html. They tell me you can comment there using OpenID.
Title: Unicorns Are Totally Real
Author: thenewbuzwuzz
Fandom: BtVS
Rating: T, I guess
Word count: ~2K this chapter
Characters: Buffybot, Harmony
Warnings: Buffybot, Harmony; not particularly Spike-friendly
Working summary: A Spike stan and a Spike hater discuss their Spuffy-related woes while painting each other's nails or doing whatever skirt girls do together; eventually, unicorns.
UPDATE SCHEDULE: when I get around to it, possibly never!
Beta credit: my infinite gratitude to OffYourBird, without whom this wouldn't exist; and thanks to the wonderful thewiggins for the additional coherence check.
Feedback: always appreciated, including about things that aren't working so well; that being said, this is mainly an exercise in chapters, and I'm aiming for it to be of passable quality and to get. It. Done. THAT being said, I plan to revise it later before I post it on AO3, so if someone notices a problem at this point and tells me, they may save future readers from the same sad fate.
Notes: my cryptid of a WIP makes an appearance!!! It's totally acceptable to pat me on the back for the bare fact of posting, without ever reading it. :D

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I have been engaging in Ship Infidelity. I'm a ship infidel. (It's so much fun.)

(1) Not even the Buffyverse

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(2) Buffyverse, not Spuffy

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(3) Spuffy

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It's auction o'clock

Bidding is open, so you can consider doing that if you like the idea of donating to any of these charities and getting fanworks as thank-you gifts:

their supported non-profits are Border Angels, Center for Public Integrity, ConPRMetidos, Flippable.org, Higher Heights, Life After Hate, Refugee And Immigrant Center for Education and legal Service (RAICES), Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN), The Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights, Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, Trevor Project, and Unsilence.

Bidding closes Friday 20:00 EST. The banner above ought to link to the offerings journal.

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Woo hoo, this year's offerings for the Fandom Trumps Hate charity auction have been posted! (They're not available for bidding yet -- that starts next Tuesday, the 26th).

There are 5 offerings for the Buffyverse!
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The fic recs are at the bottom of the post.

Ooooof, okay. Feels like I've read my weight in Giles fic (I weigh 450 K words), but now I'm Done with that & I can goof around with trope sorting! I could also write up my January rec list and stuff, but one has priorities.


So I used the trope sorter from ellimists.tumblr.com, which gave five tropes the 1st place and ranked some stuff I merely like over some stuff I love, so I was not impressed! (Even though I am grateful to it for introducing me to the concept of Loyalty Kink.) And I immediately wanted to try the same tropes in [personal profile] melannen 's sorter Pairwisest, but I didn't have the time, so I only did that today. I was looking for a top list, so I only fed Pairwisest the top 22 tropes from my ellimist results. (It was still too many for a fun time. It took 462 button clicks to sort them. D: My attention span left the building halfway through. Well, I was warned. [personal profile] melannen recommends lists of ~5-15 items.)


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MEANWHILE! [personal profile] sylvaine  made a No-Romo Trope Sorter, and I used the long version! And here are the results of that:

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ALSO. sylvaine then said what if our top 10 tropes were a prompt list! For fic reccing or other stuff, but fic reccing does seem easiest. So. FOR MY NEXT TRICK, I will throw together attempt a 20-item rec list of 1 fic rec per trope, but I don't want to get stuck on trying to pick the best fic I ever read or anything, so this is going to be QUICK. In fact, I'll time myself so I can tell you how much time I didn't spend deliberating my choices.

(all except 2 are Spuffy)

I spent ~7 minutes choosing fic (more looking for links, but that doesn't count). So that's 20 seconds of thought per trope, including typing the fic name. Pretty much first fitting thing that came to mind.

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We've established I love these tropes, so if anyone wanted to throw additional/alternative recs at me, I'd be interested. :) This entry was originally posted at https://thenewbuzwuzz.dreamwidth.org/95519.html. They tell me you can comment there using OpenID.

The Yolo Factor

Someone on Reddit mistyped the Buffy episode name this way, and all must know.

I think the YOLO factor is what got Willow into vamp trouble in "Welcome to the Hellmouth".

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I've officially updated my profile info

...to sound less maudlin, because I *am* way less maudlin than when I originally filled it out, and to clarify my preferences re: pronouns and platforms. The brief bio now goes thusly:

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