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For a Thursday Rec

...this brilliant Odysseus & Cassandra BROTP headcanon. I'm not sure how the timeline could work out, but I really want it to.

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Fooling around while the current WIP awaits beta.

Title: Gentlethan
Fandom: BtVS
Ship: The Gentlemen/Jonathan
Rating: G, I think
Notes: in this AU, The Gentlemen arrive during Superstar.
The first letters of the lines form the ship name.
And I found the ship using this generator.

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Some of the Fic I Enjoyed in September

I've got bisexual Xander, the Cheese Man, rarepairs, Spetty, Mystery Author...

Not BtVS
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BtVS: Cheese Man and/or rarepairs
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BtVS: Xander's sexuality
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BtVS: Spuffy
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Other BtVS

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...All righty, the next time I post fic recs, it's probably going to be on @buffyversetop5! *bounces up and down*

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I made a fic banner for a story that tempestt will post soon on Elysian Fields as part of the Big Bads Challenge. [ETA: she's started posting, and the story is HERE.] I want to go ahead and take care of attribution for artwork resources and also brag. Because I'm on typo patrol as well, I've already seen the first chapter and I can tell you it's seriously scary and a good time.

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I somewhat regret not adding more Scoobies to the banner, because I know they'll be there. But I was kind of preoccupied with tempestt's beautiful instruction to include some kids that look like ''what if The Gentlemen had babies''. :D Also, snow. Snow everywhere!

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Kennedy Appreciation Post

@thewiggins tagged me to say some sincere nice things about my least favorite BtVS character, following the example of Barb C.'s Andrew post and Wiggins' Riley post and others. Thanks, Wiggins! This was really fun.

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If anyone would like to continue the meme, I would love to see that. For people who aren't primarily into Buffy, maybe you'd like to do this for another fandom?

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OMG, I can gif!!!

Someone somewhere on tumblr shared a link to GifCam, a free app that lets you make gifs in a really simple way. It is too much power. *g* I promptly went to hdbuffy and made another Spuffy gif of the oft-giffed "Touched" scene, because it was necessary.

He's going to kiss her hair again... and again... andCollapse )

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Thursday Rec

17 seconds of Lego Buffy by YouTube user LegoHorrorVideos LegoHorrorVideos.

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Who's good at LiveJournal layouts?

ETA: problem solved, seems like - thank you, @rahirah
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Largely gen this time.


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