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Buffyverse crackship generator!

I made one. It's HERE. I had so much fun dipping a toe into JavaScript with the generous assistance of melannen.

So, my newest, auto-generated OTP is Acathla/a block of cement, what's yours?

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A great big moose!

Go read Beer Good's R-rated all-ungulate Spuffy AU ''Yukon Ho!'' if you dare. He took the one law that was too out there for my haiku fic, and he boldly went. All the way out there to Fairbanks, Alaska. *g*
ETA: AO3 link

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So astolat has made something called a bookmarklet, and melannen has made an important improvement to it, and the thing will let one make Dreamwidth linkposts with alacrity, like... this??

[personal profile] astolat posted: SignalBoost bookmarklet

Click the bookmarklet. You should be taken to the Dreamwidth post form with the signal boost content prefilled. You can add any other content you want, copy and paste the content to create posts with multiple signal boosts, etc. Whenever you're happy, you post it like any other post.

[Unknown LJ tag] posted: Signal Boost: SignalBoost✔ bookmarklet

so here's a modified version that automatically warns you if you're about to link to a locked DW post

[Unknown LJ tag]posted: lieu of life: hesychasm

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...Like this, then. The linkposts. Too much power?

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 ... [community profile] fandomtrumpshate , the charity auction. It will be two different kinds of ego trip if anyone bids on my offers. This entry was originally posted at https://thenewbuzwuzz.dreamwidth.org/90988.html. They tell me you can comment there using OpenID.
It's rec time!

(1) Not Buffyverse

Síofra by sandalwoodbox (Pied Piper of Hamelin, T, 6872w)
This brilliant sci-fi fairytale captured my attention instantly and held me enthralled all the way to the horrific end. ;) Mind the warnings. Thanks to dreamkist for the rec!

["Do not stand at my grave and cry; I am not there. I did not die."] by zarabithia (antrophomorphic: Tumblr/Fandom, worksafe, tiny)
It's fic about the nippocalypse, of course I liked it.

The Morning After by ambyr (fandom history antrophomorphic: Pinboard/Fandom, T, 605w)
Whoa, I thought the kudos count was the word count. I'm afraid this is only going to be fun if you know some of the backstory about Delicious and Pinboard, BUT, if you don't and if you're into fandom history, I highly recommend (again) reading/listening to the backstory: Fan is a Tool-Using Animal by Maciej Cegłowski - audio, transcript. Thanks to [personal profile] kitewithfish for starting me down this whole rabbit hole.

Not Leaving Kudos by bunn (Readers/Stories, G, 624w)
Cathartic. The summary says it all: "They came, they read, they left silently. Why?"

Kudos At All Costs by rhymer23 (some cultural references but no set fandom, Readers/Stories, G, 1533w)
The necessary and wonderful companion piece to bunn's story.

(2) Buffyverse, not Spuffy

Radio Silence by beer_good (crossover with Welcome to Night Vale, T, 1628w)
Author's summary: "The Gentlemen drop by Night Vale. This poses something of a problem for a radio host who depends on his voice to communicate. Not to mention for the people in town who aren't too keen on having their hearts cut out."
Genius concept, well-executed. \o/ Just as fun as everyone has been saying all along.

Bad Girl Warm-Up by KillerSnotMonster (Fuffy, 1741w, M)
A lovely missing scene fic that felt real, in part because it was as awkward as it should have been. I've no problem adding this to my headcanon. ^^

Precipitation by GraceNM (Cordelia/Faith, 2047w, T)
Grace convinced me that Cordy and Faith could find common ground, if deftly caught at just the right point in time. Lovely character work.

(3) Spuffy

Seek a Desolate Shade by Twinkles (NC-17, 24,139w, complete)
Part of the story is lovingly set in New Zealand, there's original poetry and illustrations, and established-relationship Spuffy, and a mythical dragon-type creature: so much awesome. :) *Note: Angel is fairly evil in this one.

Ripples on a Hellmouth by stuffandnonsense (Buffy&Willow even more than Buffy/Spike, R, 27,739w as of January 2, WIP! but close to completion, and the remaining chapters are already written)
It's a time travel fix-it, om nom nom! :D I like stuffandnonsense's thoughtful character insights as usual, and the future fluctuates in exciting ways.

Secret Santa by SpindleKitten (G, 4,609w, complete)
It was sweet and heartwarming, maybe even more in a family way than a shippy way. I like that the characters had a good Christmas while broke.

Under My Skin by Rebcake (T, 8107w, complete)
This is such a lovely Spuffy wedding. If I ever marry Spike, that's how I want it to go.

The Key to Buffy’s…. by bewildered (NC-17, 4029w as of December 29th, WIP!)
Sentient loofah POV, and it's The Key. Does justice to yellowb's prompt so far. Note that the loofah hates Riley. This entry was originally posted at https://thenewbuzwuzz.dreamwidth.org/90848.html. They tell me you can comment there using OpenID.

List of Things I Made in 2018

I love to brag! It was a good year for me, especially for poems and, uh, everything involving lists, apparently. Within each category, I've sorted stuff in approximate descending order of how much I like it.

POEMSCollapse )
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My previous masterlists are here. All my fic and fan poetry is (or will be) on AO3 here. All my Spuffy fic/poetry ought to also be on Elysian Fields here. Visual artwork and such is in the arts and crafts tag. Fic recs are here. This entry was originally posted at https://thenewbuzwuzz.dreamwidth.org/90047.html. They tell me you can comment there using OpenID.
This poem has no redeeming qualities, and I am quite happy with it.

: Haikus Illegal in Several States
Author: [personal profile] thenewbuzwuzz
Setting: Something Blue
Rating: rated R for language, smut-adjacent crack, and illegal activities
Word Count: 416 according to Elysian Fields

Notes and poem:

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When I'm unimpressed with something I've written, it always feels rude to say, 'hmm, I don't love this' -- like, how can I not love my word baby? Yet there it is. *side-eyes it* I think the imagery is way too in-your-face and gratuitous, and, more importantly, the thing doesn't feel true. D: It's just a lot of wordplay. However, parts of it sound kind of pretty, and some loyal friends report enjoying it, so I'm not killing it with fire. I suppose I'll stuff it in the back end of my upcoming AO3 crosspost of three sentence fic.

Supposed to be Spike/Buffy
Supposed to be season 6-ish
Poem-shaped, vaguely
POV second person, of all things
Rated... *spins a wheel* ...PG-13
Official sponsor: the Dictionary Roulette challenge by EF user Its all fluffy.


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I'm about to make a few crossposts so that I have all my stuff in one place before the end of the year. There shouldn't be more than 3 posts, I think.

Back in November, for Seasonal Spuffy, I set up a map of Spuffy fic that should enable people to find recs based on where stories take place. I haven't had the time to keep adding to this myself with any consistency, as I knew I wouldn't, so I pretty much put the concept out there and let it be. It's doing okay anyway.

HERE is the map.
HERE is the 'splainy LiveJournal post with some instructions about how to add fic to the map.
HERE is the Elysian Fields challenge to write stuff for the blank areas.

And below the cut is a new screenshot of how the map looked today. The red pins are main settings (where all or most of a fic is set), and the blue pins are places visited in part of a story. I'm under the impression it only displays in Latvian when I look at it. :D

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Two links to meta about fandom platforms

(1) How Dreamwidth today is different from Livejournal fifteen years ago

- cool recent post by muccamukk, with lots of people talking in the comments about their experiences and ways to  find/create more fannish activity on DW. Note: subscribing to [community profile] fictional_fans  is paying off (this was linked there).

In relation to this, I'm feeling good about newslettering this fine morning.
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(2) I think it must have been a couple of weeks since [personal profile] kitewithfish  linked the below delightful article from 2013 (technically a transcript of a conference talk), but I still really want to relink it here, because I enjoyed it so, so much:

Fan is a Tool-Using Animal by Maciej Cegłowski (guy who developed Pinboard, which is a bookmarking site I admit I wasn't really aware of)

Some highlights from Fan is a Tool-Using Animal:
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