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I got a prezzie!

[community profile] fandomtrumpshate artist azul-ora drew me a punk fem!Spike based on my Spillow-ish ficlet “The Makeover”, because a girl has needs and that need is to see someone in a female body making subzero effort to look feminine and being hella cool. I mean, I like a Spike in a miniskirt, but I'm so glad to have this visual representation of other options.

The artwork is over HERE!

It's worksafe. I think the artist did a fabulous job, considering how complicated and even self-contradictory my requirements were. Ye gods, there's the way Spike thinks he looks in this story, and then there's the way he wants to look (waging bitter war with the way I want him to look, lol), none of which are necessarily the way he can and does look. And none of that, of course, is how he looks in the reference images I could provide. So, amazing work. Also, Spike pretty (despite his best efforts to be scary instead, alas). This entry was originally posted at They tell me you can comment there using OpenID.
Tags: btvs, queer things tag?, spike
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