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what if textures

[personal profile] teragramm pointed out that some of the pics in my previous (locked) photo post could work as textures/backgrounds for artwork, and that was a SUPER EXCITING concept! So today I stared at a few more surfaces. Granted, I've used textures a total of 3 times in my life, so my idea of the kind of thing that could work is a bit on the theoretical side.

Large images under the cut.

close-up of coarse wooden plank with sunlight

dusty lacquered wood with weird lights

white paint covers a network of cracks

grey wooden plank of uneven darkness

If someone does have a use for any of these, go for it, make whatever, credit me - thanks. :)

Half of the point of this post is announcing that I updated my profile info to explicitly allow using my photos for artwork in case anyone so desires. Not that I expect photos to be a frequent occurrence here, but, you know. In principle.
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