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Some of the Fic I Enjoyed in April

I imagine nobody's having trouble finding Spuffy to read right now, but perhaps I may interest someone in a nice Mesopotamian tablet RPF?

(1) Not Buffyverse

The Unsent Letter by anonymous author (Ea-nasir Tablet RPF, Nanni&Sit-Sin, not rated, 186w, complete)
Complaint tablet to Ea-nasir: the Making Of. It's so funny and wonderful. (Found out about it thanks to tumblr user glumshoe.)

The straights are at it again (Greek mythology, Athena/Artemis, not rated, nine sentences, complete) by acequeenking
Three-Sentence Ficathon fill that I found while reorganizing my bookmarks. Two girlfriends shaking their heads at famous couples in Greek myths with an air of understated superiority.

(2) Buffyverse, not Spuffy

Sunshine by europanya: Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 (Spike/Sunshine from the ''Peppermint Stick'' in AtS, M, two chapters, complete)
I think Rebcake recced this a while ago, and I'm happy she did! Delightful minor character POV, nice smut, annnnd a punch in the feels. \o/

(3) Spuffy

Bihaldan by Twinkles (R, 58,228w, complete)
So, OffYourBird wrote a challenge ''The Two Ghosts of Wolfram and Hart'', in which:

''Spike tells Buffy to leave him in Chosen but, this time, she doesn't... and out pop two ghosts in Angel's office nineteen days later. How does Buffy being in W&H as ghost #2 affect AtS season 5? What kind of shenanigans does our ghost duo get up to? Is Buffy able to talk some sense into her ex? Does she ever set the record straight with Spike's 'No, you don't'?
Angsty, fluffy, smutty (answering the question of if ghosts can touch each other!) - whatever genre you like, so long as it has a happy Spuffy end.''

Twinkles and bewildered both responded to the challenge, and their stories complement each other beautifully! Twinkles' story, linked above, is so poetic and sweet and quite heartbreaking there for a long while.

Power of Two by bewildered (NC-17, WIP! 5,372w as of May 1st)
Whereas in this story, ghosts can touch. :)

Choices by Versheenah (R, 3,713w, complete)
It's a pro-choice story! :)

Reflections by msclawdia (PG-13, 14,035w, complete)
I finally read the story of many Spikes! Thanks to Rebcake for the rec. I found it wonderfully imaginative, and I liked the way meeting the other Spikes changed things between Buffy and her Spike.
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