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May 17th, 2019

So, yesterday I went to AO3 with the intention to find some nice angsty smut. But, right after opening the site, I spaced out hard enough that I ended up skimming the latest AO3 news post instead and then reading a thing linked from that, and then reading a thing linked from THAT.

The final thing is a 2014 article about gift exchange in fandom - which happens to be one of the concepts that gives me the most warm and fuzzy feelings in the world. (My Patronus is shaped like gift exchange in fandom. ...I guess it's a web shape.) The article didn't seem to say (almost?) anything I didn't know, but it's a nice systematic breakdown, and it gave me a most lovely buzz of feeling seen and recognized. I think it would work that way for most fans.


I always get a major kick out of the idea that there's rarely any owing in fandom (with some explicitly defined exceptions, of course... *waves at my poor patient "Fandom Trumps Hate" donors*).

Then I found the angsty Spuffy smut, taking the scenic route through a Giles/Indiana Jones story that I *probably* won't read, and realized it had been in my Marked for Later list all along. Well, now it's on my Elysian Fields bookshelf too.

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