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Garbage feats

I'm still alive and well, just preoccupied.

One of my latest distractions was reading an article about zero waste. I knew before that it's a thing, but something clicked this time, and now it's a thing I want to try soon. In moderation! Actual zero waste seems like a waste of attention (there must be more efficient ways to protect the environment) and also pretentious, though very poetic and inspiring. But I like the general mindset. The author of the article I read said she'd stopped thinking of trash as something you throw OUT and started thinking of it as something you throw INTO... the ocean, the ground, whatever. Not whatever. Finding out where it goes and reminding myself it doesn't go poof is important.
So there's some chance this might become a trash journal... in more ways than previously...

I think I'll try No Plastic July (by which they mean no single-use plastic). Sounds fun and educational! I still have some time to figure out what adjustments or equipment I need.

Last week, I obtained a new bag for zero moneys because my grandma was moving house (the town grandma is becoming a countryside grandma! Chaos abounds) and she found 3 spare bags to get rid of, so I took one. The bag is not exactly my style, but it works for putting stuff in... It looks durable, and the size is okay, and, most importantly, it's not slowly rotting in a dump somewhere & I didn't have a new one made. I should probably leave most style questions for things like writing if I'm at all serious about less waste.

Also last week, I went on one grocery run without buying any disposable packaging. Okay, there was a rubber band around a bunch of dill, but I didn't throw it out when I got home. :D I cheated and only bought fruit and vegetables that time, but it still felt like a huge revelation that I can weigh veggies in my own plastic bags that I already had! Nobody cares if I get new ones or pull them out of my pocket. No idea why I thought they would care. I also made the sacrifice of buying a whole melon instead of a plastic-wrapped half. ;)

@ the person who's expecting a private message, it's now caught in a whole network of procrastination and sudden, disrupting non-procrastination, but I'll get to it. With glee even.

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