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Four Les Miserables limericks

 In which buzwuzz attempts to rhyme things with "Grantaire", "Pontmercy" and "Fauchelevent" and doesn't even try with "Laigle".

A most sceptical student Grantaire
drank with dreamers, to dream didn't dare.
He remained full of doubt,
but he was sure about
needing Enjolras like you need air.

(I think I went overboard with the shippiness, but, damn, so did Victor Hugo.)

A cinnamon roll Pontmercy
loved flowers and often hugged trees.
He resolved his son's life
would be rich, free of strife,
but Marius said, "Non merci!"

The gardener, old Fauchelevent,
played dumb with a skill that strikes awe,
nailed a friend in a casket,
stuffed a kid in a basket,
and saved them, because sod the law.

There was a law student called Laigle
or Meaux (de), Bossuet, and/or Lesgle.
His names will be missed.
They're all off the list:
no longer a student is Laigle. This entry was originally posted at They tell me you can comment there using OpenID.
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