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This is a @fandomtrumpshate donor thank-you gift for @hannah. <3

Below the cut is my attempt to show what Hannah's story "Set Off Like Geese" is like (to me), using a bunch of images. I went a bit heavy on image editing - enjoyed the custom frame very much, would crop each image to a marginally different size and shape again -, so maybe it's technically a collage or something. I'm afraid anyone who wants to see it well is going to have to open it in a new tab, because large.

Thank you very much to @yourlibrarian, who beta-read an image (compilation) and did it well.

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Below the cut: my emotional support meme, sir fanfic questions themed around time, originally posted on tumblr by DW user @merryfortune & copied to this site with permission.

If you comment with one or more of these questions, I will gratefully answer them as a pleasant distraction from thinking about the WIP that is kicking my butt.
Peeps who write, if you say you'd like a question, I will throw one (or more?) of these questions at you, to be answered in a comment or a post as you prefer! I think it's also fine, if one is so inclined, to copy the lot to your own journal with credit to merryfortune.

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I found the latest episode of the Fansplaining  podcast interesting, as usual. There were frequent little references to "Buffy", too, all through the first half of the ep.

Their summary:
"In Episode 105, Flourish and Elizabeth talk to Emily Nussbaum, television critic for The New Yorker, recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism, and the author of I Like to Watch: Arguing My Way Through the TV Revolution. The conversation focuses on the technological changes that have shaped television over the past two decades—and how those changes have altered the way we watch, discuss, and talk about it in turn. They then discuss a related listener letter on mismatched expectations between TV creators and audiences."

There's a transcript through the same link above, which I think is cool of them.

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Asphalt blossoms

I needed a photo for reasons (*waves at @hannah*), so I took a dozen or so. Then I dumped most of them here because I can.

I had hoped they'd be less cute, actually, but that's how the light was yesterday evening. Also, I think my phone camera was dirty half of the time, so if some images look like everything is underwater, that's why. I haven't seen them on a computer screen yet. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You have been warned.

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Peace on Earth

For Rec Thursday, two connected things that are probably not fanworks, but I've been meaning to link them for a while.

The Evolution of Trust by Nicky Case,
a 30-minute browser game that uses game theory to demonstrate what can foster trust and cooperation in society.
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Peace on Earth
by kovanecky -
kind of a fanvid for the historical event that the game references. Read more...Collapse )
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My Buffyverse Bingo card

Aight, I'm doing this! :) The plan is to find the prompts that work with my three four existing WIPs.
ChiaroscuroLanguageTruth or dareWatching helplesslyThe Fool
TraditionVenerableFREE SPACEBalloonsThunder

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Hey, all! @fancyflautist just made a fic award community slayer_awards  on LiveJournal, and she's looking for judges and mods! Awards take a lot of work, so the more the merrier! And the more judges who have different taste and shipping preferences, the easier to approach objectivity! Go forth and consider if you wanna be involved! \o/
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Some synonym for peaceful or shiny

I met a lake yesterday, and it was

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Link: "twenty fanfic tropes." by melannen

For Rec Thursday, have this distracting and delightful Dreamwidth post: twenty fanfic tropes. by @melannen. In the comments, people rec some fine examples of Messing With Tropes in various fandoms. *g*

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