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Meme: Describe My Default Icon, Please

borrowed from [personal profile] sylvaine .

Rules: Comment with your description of my default icon! What do you see when you look at it? (No cheating by looking at my description of it!)
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Some of the Fic I Enjoyed in April

I imagine nobody's having trouble finding Spuffy to read right now, but perhaps I may interest someone in a nice Mesopotamian tablet RPF?

(1) Not Buffyverse

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(2) Buffyverse, not Spuffy

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(3) Spuffy

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I Can't Believe I Won Camp NaNo

My secret is setting a time goal instead of a word goal. I could write a tutorial on how to spend a full minute of writing time on every word. Maybe I will.

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what if textures

[personal profile] teragramm pointed out that some of the pics in my previous (locked) photo post could work as textures/backgrounds for artwork, and that was a SUPER EXCITING concept! So today I stared at a few more surfaces. Granted, I've used textures a total of 3 times in my life, so my idea of the kind of thing that could work is a bit on the theoretical side.

Large images under the cut.

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Half of the point of this post is announcing that I updated my profile info to explicitly allow using my photos for artwork in case anyone so desires. Not that I expect photos to be a frequent occurrence here, but, you know. In principle.
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This quiz by Name the Stars is really cool*. As someone said in the buffy-boards thread that the quiz creator started, it's good that the answers are not transparently meant to lead to a specific result.
*ETA: downgraded to "pretty cool" upon hearing some of the results :D

I got Willow! It amuses me that saying I'd date Willow (after much thought, trust me) wasn't an obstacle to being Willow. There's canon evidence that vamp!Willow Would, so: solid!

If you take the quiz, I want to know who you are! :) (I mean, I generally want to know who you are regardless, but quiz-result-wise this time.)

Restfield, it's been linked.

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Signed up for this event called [community profile] seasonal_spuffy! :D There goes my resolve not to start another WIP... This entry was originally posted at https://thenewbuzwuzz.dreamwidth.org/102651.html. They tell me you can comment there using OpenID.

I got a prezzie!

[community profile] fandomtrumpshate artist azul-ora drew me a punk fem!Spike based on my Spillow-ish ficlet “The Makeover”, because a girl has needs and that need is to see someone in a female body making subzero effort to look feminine and being hella cool. I mean, I like a Spike in a miniskirt, but I'm so glad to have this visual representation of other options.

The artwork is over HERE!

It's worksafe. I think the artist did a fabulous job, considering how complicated and even self-contradictory my requirements were. Ye gods, there's the way Spike thinks he looks in this story, and then there's the way he wants to look (waging bitter war with the way I want him to look, lol), none of which are necessarily the way he can and does look. And none of that, of course, is how he looks in the reference images I could provide. So, amazing work. Also, Spike pretty (despite his best efforts to be scary instead, alas). This entry was originally posted at https://thenewbuzwuzz.dreamwidth.org/101920.html. They tell me you can comment there using OpenID.
[personal profile] cornerofmadness linked a blog post by someone who got sued for 7000 dollars over posting a copyright-protected image on her blog. I want to link it SOME MORE. Seems worth consideration for artwork sharers, moodboard makers, and maybe even other fan artists.

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It's HERE, Spuffy, and NC-17.
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Ode to Spike or
How to Finally Stop Nursing a Broken Heart and Start Finding Cute Guys Again!
(With apologies to Poe)

by bookworm6
  • it's BEAUTIFUL and FUNNY, and I LOVE IT
  • reader response poetry? poem about how seeing Spike onscreen changed the author's life
  • rated K by the author, but I'd rate it T
  • and it's a Poe's Raven pastiche!!
  • ''Suddenly a "hello cutie"/ Opened up a world of beauty/ In the face and body of a lean and cranky vampire guy...''
  • read it!
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